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Jamaican Language

It is really hard to sound like a true Jamaican unless you’ve lived here for a really long time; But for those of you who are fascinated by our language here a few slangs along with their meanings for you.

"A yah suh nice!" This expression is used when one is having a good time. Originated from an explicit dancehall song with that title.

"Beat dem bad" Be better than anyone or anything. "Mi outfit a beat dem bad"

"Gyalis" A guy who loves and has more than one woman. " Mi a gyalis from longtime"

Pree” To think about, examine or consider carefully. “A longtime mi a pree da brownin deh enuh”

"Loud up di ting" To expose someone’s business. "Yow, stop loud up di ting nuh mon"

"Yuh swag tun up!" You’re looking great. "Dawg yuh swag tun up"

"Bill" Chill, take it easy. "My gurl yuh fi bill"

"Frass" Frazzled, Tipsy. "Mi frass out from da party deh enuh dawg"

"Maad" Awesome. "yow da chune ya maad"

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